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What Do YOU See?


I plan on writing a full post about this picture, but before I do, I’m curious. What do YOU see when you look at this playscape? What would your child see?

Take a moment. Look at all of the different elements–the slides, the bridge, the children, the wood chips, etc. Absorb it. Ponder it.

Then leave me a comment and tell me what you see, and what your child would see.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

15 thoughts on “What Do YOU See?

  1. I see fun, adventure, giggles

  2. At first I saw a pirate ship. Upon looking closer, the things to hold onto on the right look like heads talking to each other – the top hole is the eyes, the bottom would be the mouth. Then I saw a stick to the right of the slide. My kids – Pouty (4) said she sees herself getting to play on the playground. Samoo (2) said he sees a playground. Spike (5) said she sees a playground.

  3. I see a playground. Something most kids would enjoy playing on.

  4. Emma (age 3) sees slides and a bridge. I see a tongue (the slides) hanging out of a big, gaping mouth.

  5. Mija (age 7 1/2) says it reminds her of our church’s playground.

  6. This playground looks almost identical to the one that we go to except ours has sand under it (woodchips are not fun to play in, but my son did go to a park one time where they had them and created a little man out if them) and our park has some other equipment that rises higher than what is shown here. When I first saw this picture I thought it was the park we go to. I thought about how my son is terrified of hikes, but each time I take him, he gets more and more comfortable. Since I have to keep my eyes out for four children, I don’t always have time to sit and watch him, but I know that if he gets bored with the equipment then he will find some sand to play with (which usually ends up being a planet or volcano) or makes his way over to my blanket picking or staring at a blade of grass. All the other kids ( and I mean LOTS of other kids) on the playground are like wild monkeys running, jumping, and screaming past, and around my son, while his life looks like its in slow motion. Often times I stop him and ask, “what are you thinking about?” and he responds (after about a minuet or two) with nothing, or something totally related to life outside the park. Maybe a movie, or story of how he thinks something works. All I know is that we have hundreds of pictures from the park, a few great videos, and so many beautiful memories.

  7. I see fun and adventure. My more NT dd would see fun and adventure, my ASD dd said “wow, cool there are no extra kids…I could jump off that tower (she has NO FEAR or IMPULSE CONTROL.”, my FAS dd would be freaked out by all the stimulation and sensory overload until she saw her sisters playing and then she would join–but only with shoes on and only after watching for a long time. My ASD is on the sensory seeking end and my FAS is on the sensory avoiding end. Makes for an interesting life.

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  9. My son (10)It’s “The Bridge!” in a commanding voice. I see a long piece of stretchy black taffy coming out of a candy making factory. How’s that?

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