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S’more Success!


This week gluten-free graham crackers were on sale. Yesterday I had an idea: why not introduce the boys to the childhood fun known as S’mores?

Now, if you aren’t familiar with a S’more, it’s usually made at campfires. You roast some marshmallows, and then grab two graham crackers. You make a sandwich out of the marshmallows, a chunk of chocolate, and the graham crackers.

We didn’t have a campfire. We used a microwave, mini chocolate chips from Enjoy Life, mini marshmallows, and our on-sale graham crackers. It became a practice in dexterity as the boys tried to get the mini chips and marshmallows to stay on top. Then the big question was, would Mommy explode the marshmallows in the microwave, instead of just melt them? (No!)

However, the ultimate question was, would Dr. J actually EAT them? Why, you may ask?

They are new.

They are sticky. He does not like sticky things.

He likes to eat one thing at a time, not mixed.

Here you can see him trying to figure out how to eat it without getting messy:

Here you can see Meatball enjoying his first S’more:

And, here you can see two brothers enjoying a childhood rite of passage of sorts:

The verdict? Dr. J said, “They’re a bit too sweet.”

That’s ok! He ATE it! He ate it WITHOUT crying or arguing!

That’s an accomplishment in my book!

And yes, do you see that box in the background behind Meatball’s chair? Read about my love-hate relationship with boxes here!

What is your child’s latest accomplishment? Brag in the comments below!

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

7 thoughts on “S’more Success!

  1. Are they S’Morables Graham Crackers from Kinnikinick? Those are the ones I buy too, they are pretty good. Where were they on sale? I don’t think I have ever found them on sale.

    • Yup, those are the ones, Lisa! They are never listed on sale in a flyer. It may have been a price drop. Any time I go to Meijer, I ALWAYS stop in “Aisle 5”, where the gluten-free foods are to see if there are any price drops.

  2. Alright..I know my boys had hair..what did you do to them MOM!!🙂 I am the only S’more eater around here…and you know I bake my marshmallows over a candle…so y’all are acting a lot like me today. Happy it was a success!

  3. My son’s latest accomplishment is writing most of his name! It’s usually right to left, but there’s an M, an I, a T, some circle shapes (the next three letters are C H E) then as many L’s as can fill the rest of the page!! And they’re in a mostly straight line!!

    We’ve yet to conquer smores. He just looks at me like I’m an alien and grabs an uncooked marshmallow out of the bag, shoves the whole thing in his mouth and walks away saying “Nom, Nom, Nom!!” with a mouth full of marshmallow. (Yep, my mostly non-verbal child is already practicing for the teenage right of passage: Chubby bunny!!)

    • That is so exciting, Karie! Thank you for sharing. Funny that you mention Chubby Bunnies. We watched a video tonight and a couple men were playing the game, and Dr. J thought they were pretty odd for doing that!😛

  4. I just had to laugh at your wonderments about whether or not he would eat the s’mores. My son was the same way when I introduced him to s’mores! He is somewhat sensitive to new flavors in foods, and new textures in almost anything (I still don’t know that he has ever been convinced to finger paint!). He was four before I introduced him to s’mores, and he loved them but only in small portions. That made his big sister happy, though – she got to clean his plate!🙂

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