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My Mastercard Moment


I’m pretty sure whoever came up with the famous ad campaign for Mastercard did not get paid enough! We have them all the time–Mastercard moments. We just have to watch for them, and remember. Saturday mine went like this:

7am “My clothes are wet.” *ugh*

7:15 am “I’m hungry.” *sigh*

7:30 am Going to Meijer for baking powder *yawn*

8:15am Making muffins using my son’s own handmade recipe book


Why not take a moment and leave your Mastercard moment in the comments? I’d love to read them!

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

6 thoughts on “My Mastercard Moment

  1. nice thought!
    My mastercard moment was last week with my 17 year old son

    Me: “is your math done yet?”
    son: “almost! just a few more hours”
    Me: “no math, no fair on Saturday”
    son: “you know me mom. I’l finish it Saturday morning”

    Saturday morning comes he hands me his finished math and he says:
    “mom, we need a day together, just you & me!”


  2. Realizing I was out of Lactaid for my Kindergartner’s lunch at midnight = annoying.
    Lugging 2 kids to store & back to school with Lactaid (& little “love” note) before lunchtime = tiring
    Hearing my Kdger say, “Mom thank you so much for my milk and the note you left in my lunchbox today. That was great!” = priceless!!!

  3. Getting up too late is frustrating. Being too exhausted to think at bedtime is annoying. Having a daunting day ahead and having to stay up to do another load of laundry because something is needed first thing in the morning is even more annoying. Knowing that the lunch is packed, the schedule has been double checked, dinner for tomorrow is planned, and I even worked out today is pretty priceless!

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