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>Wednesday’s Woman–Christine Stevens, AdvoCare



There is an unspoken connection among moms of autistic children, as I imagine there is with any group of special needs moms. Another autism mom and I tried to get a group of spectrum moms together for a girls’ night at a restaurant, and Christine, today’s Wednesday’s Woman, was the only other one that showed up. Even though we had never met in person, we had met on Facebook. However, there is still the expected awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time. After our initial, “Are you Christine?” we sat down, introduced ourselves, and almost closed down the restaurant. As Christine likes to say, “It’s nice to be around someone who gets it.”  And so, here is Christine in her own words….

I am a stay at home mom and have been nearly full time for the last 15 years. My husband and I have eight children, ages 16 years to 20 months of age (and no multiples!).  I have been involved in many things over the years. I am US Army Veteran, a trained birth doula,  and for the last 3-4 years I’ve tried to focus on making our family more ecofriendly to include cloth diapering, natural childbirth and a major focus on eating healthier overall.   

My oldest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s (a high-functioning form of autism) approximately 5 years ago.  At the time I understood very little about nutrition and its impact on both mental and physical health.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my 7th child and I suffered from a severe case of morning sickness that I was introduced to a really good whole foods supplement that helped my body to reprogram itself and actually start to crave healthy foods. Fast forward to 18 months or so ago when my youngest was about 5 months old. I set out to lose the weight from that pregnancy and the 7 before.  I managed to lose about 40 pounds within the first 5 months through exercise and an OK diet before I hit what’s called a “plateau” in my weight loss.  I struggled for several months trying everything, and I managed to lose about another 5 pounds and about half a pant size, but that was it. 

To top it all off I felt awful. I was exhausted physically from trying to keep up with the demands of my full time job (mommy to 8!) and the workouts I was putting myself through to try and attain the weight and size I felt I wanted to be.  Nearing the end of my rope (and truly considering what it would mean if I gave up my dream of having the body/health I wanted) my husband gave me a sample of a product called Spark made by a company called AdvoCare. This began a new journey for me down the road to not only reaching my goals, but my husband and I attaining our dreams.

AdvoCare is a 17 year-old health and wellness company based out of Dallas, Texas. The growth of this company at present is unsurpassed.  Not only does AdvoCare make daily nutritional supplements for all ages & stages of life, but they also carry athletic performance products, weight/fat loss and a whole host of similar items to help people improve their life health-wise. This is where our journey began with AdvoCare.   

After having tried that first Spark (a mental focus/energy drink that is actually good for your body!) I immediately felt better and realized that these products were very different from anything I’d ever tried before.  I’ve been to the vitamin stores, surfed the workout websites for products, and trust me when I tell you there are hundreds of thousands of products out there geared towards the health and wellness movement.  The many that I have tried often times did nothing but make me feel awful or offset the balance of my body.   AdvoCare was set apart in my mind from most of what’s on the market today.   

AdvoCare products are formulated to give your body the things it can’t possibly get from your food, regardless of how healthy an eater you are. Most people know that as of today fresh whole foods don’t contain the same nutrients they once did or even a few years ago. The biggest problem with this is you can eat completely healthy and you still need to supplement.  Sadly, the majority of the products on the market, even many by reputable companies are laced with things that are counterproductive or even bad for your body and for weight loss and oftentimes don’t even contain the actual *good for you* ingredients they say they do.    

AdvoCare has a team of 8 incredibly reputable physicians that help develop our products.  We also use one of the top labs in the world called Informed Choice to test our products for banned substances.  Because of this our products are top quality themselves…second to none out there. And even more interesting is because of this we have NON PAID celebrity and athletic endorsers that make no money, but only receive free products to endorse AdvoCare.  One of them is MVP quarterback of the Saints, Drew Brees. To me that says something.  When an athlete of that caliber says something is good and doesn’t get paid to say it? There must be something there.

From a financial point of view this company is also second to none.  AdvoCare gives back immensely to its people. They base the sales portion of the company on principles that our world has all too soon forgotten, that hard work should mean something and should pay back long-term. There are many financial stories (many better than ours…so far ha!) out there, but ours is still in the making.  What I can tell you is this, when my husband first promoted this business to me I told him no way, no how. I’ve sold make up/baskets/internet stuff before in the past and while all that stuff was nice stuff, direct sales is not all that much fun.  What I didn’t know when I said that and now know is that AdvoCare pays their people 60 cents on the dollar and in 5 different ways.   

Most direct sales companies usually pay somewhere between 25-30 cents on the dollar.  That’s huge when you’re talking about building a business.  As of right now, my husband Dean and I are on track to make 10K a month by next year at this time.  Four months ago we got our first check of $27. This last month as we pinned in at the silver level, we are now hitting an average income of $1,000 a month. To be completely honest I don’t feel like we have done much except share this company with people we want to help either lose weight, feel better, or earn some extra income. It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires some time and dedication, but overall the amount of “work” compared to a lot of other home sales jobs I have had has been what I would consider minimal.

Lastly I will say this…everyone out there struggles with one or two main issues in their life these days, health or finances.  Advocare is a company that provides solutions based on where you want to go.  For me I want a family that is healthy, and I want to be debt-free and financially sound long term.  Also, I believe severe nutritional deficiencies have contributed to my son’s health/mental condition.   I see the difference in the way my children behave and interact and learn when they are eating real whole foods, and I have seen the difference when they were taking the supplements through our business, and it motivates me even harder to want to help others achieve that knowledge and success as well.  I’ve also learned the benefits of limiting sugar intake in children because sugar puts a damper on the immune system.  Did you know that for 4 to 8 hours after you consume sugar your immune system response is lowered significantly? That’s one of the reasons I stopped long ago allowing my kids to partake in pop (or any other form of sugar) and indoor playscapes (restaurant unnamed) except for on very rare occasions.  The reason being…you give your child a soda that is loaded with sugar, the immune system is suppressed, then you allow them to go up into tunnels that are infested with germs from all the other sniffling, sneezing kids that may or may not properly  hand wash, and thus you have a sick kid on your hands.   

 I started long ago to really focus on my children’s illnesses and make every attempt to link them back to the origin to try and prevent such things as much as possible.  Sickness is a sign of something wrong. The sad thing is most American parents that I know don’t associate that sort of thing together.  For example, if your child suffers from headaches on a frequent basis, it very well could be a food allergy or aversion of some sort.  My oldest son who has Asperger’s loves pizza with pepperoni; however, he gets a raging headache every time he eats pepperoni.  Pepperoni while delicious is made with nitrates as a preservative (the same thing you find in sausages, hotdogs, ham, etc).  Nitrates are not good for you and in some people such as my son and myself, if we choose to eat them we know we are risking a future headache. Does that make sense?  It’s all about choices. Choices as parents, and never forgetting that we truly are what we eat.

Beginning a journey to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle can never start too soon.  If we don’t have our health, what do we have? In the last 4 months I have gone from a nice size 14 down to a size 8 (and I’m still shrinking!!).  I’m 35 years old, have had EIGHT kids, and I’m smaller now than I was in high school as an athlete, and I’m also smaller than I was when I was in the military running 3 miles a day and marching 10. I love what this business has taught me and given me: energy to be a mom, skinny jeans, a fat wallet, and knowledge to help others and my own family. Who doesn’t want that?!
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Drew Bree’s our non paid endorser:
A success story! Trish lost 292 lbs using AdvoCare

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

3 thoughts on “>Wednesday’s Woman–Christine Stevens, AdvoCare

  1. >Go Jenny, boy did you find a power house of a Mom this time!! I am going to do a bit of reading on this product…we are on juice plus+ and I have been pleased..but you never know and I don't believe in shutting a door that I have not walked through!Thanks Christine!

  2. >Thanks to the both of you for this timely message. I needed the inspiration right about now.

  3. >CHeryl and Essy, thanks for your comments!I'd love to talk with both of you, maybe see if I can help in anyway and answer questions…no pressure I promise just would love to share with you :)my direct email is:beautifulmama28@gmail.comi'm also linked through Jenny's facebook so feel free to add me and we can chat. I have some info i can give you to read over and see if this is even something that would be for you. Take care hope to ttys!!~C

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