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>Joan Horner, a True Role Model


>I hate to say it, but sometimes it seems like role models are gone these days. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just the really gracious role models are a rare breed. Joan Horner, the co-founder of Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry, was a gracious and truly inspiring role model who made you want to aspire to be better. She passed away on Sunday, December 5, 2010. I have decided to make her a Wednesday’s Woman.

In addition to being an amazing business woman, Joan was a wife and mother who took those jobs seriously. She was a kind friend, an excellent speaker and writer, a baseball enthusiast, and someone who made you feel important.

In the summer of 2007 I almost didn’t go to Premier’s national Rally (conference) in July. I did, and on the last day, at the last drawing, Joan drew my ticket to win the entire line of new jewelry. This was in the amount of thousands of dollars. I could not believe it! I made my upline, who sings at these conferences, take me backstage to find Joan so I could thank her. I was pregnant with my second son and was such a blubbering mess that I could hardly say “thank you” to Joan. She probably wondered what was wrong with me! My upline explained, and Joan graciously gave me a hug and congratulated me.

In 2009 I sent Joan a note with a picture of my youngest draped in jewelry he had gotten into while I was training another jeweler. She sent me back a handwritten note thanking me for the picture. She explained that she added his picture to her wall of Premier kids. All of these children were precious to her. They were the reason she started Premier!

Another jeweler shared this tribute by Dave Burchett, a television sports director and public speaker. I was touched to read such sweet words from someone outside the Premier family. Inside Premier Designs most of us knew how special Joan was. But to read an “outsider’s” perspective was wonderful. This made me decide to go on a scavenger hunt and see if I could find anyone else who was leaving tributes about Joan on the worldwide web. Now, as I write that, it seems rather ironic since Joan was always imploring us jewelers to “keep it personal.” She encouraged us to step away from technology to make people feel special and important. However, I don’t have the funds to travel the world hunting for Joan’s friends, so this will have to do.

I didn’t find much out there from people who weren’t jewelers, at least not in the first ten pages of search results. I did find this article by the Direct Selling Association from when Andy and Joan were inducted into the DSA Hall of Fame. I think this says a lot about both of them. My guess is that if I were to do this search after Joan’s memorial service this Saturday I might find more.

Finally, you can read a note from Joan’s family here. One who didn’t know Joan may be tempted to think it’s sugar-coated. It’s not. Everything this note says is true.

This leads me to the end of my post and the beginning of yours. If you’re reading this, and you were somehow touched by Joan’s life, would you be so kind as to pause a moment and leave a comment? It can be short or long or anywhere in between. Just take a moment and share how Joan influenced your life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Thank you.

Author: Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman is not anyone special or a hero. She's just a working special needs homeschool mom who uses the Power of One to "just keep swimming". Visit her blog to learn more.

5 thoughts on “>Joan Horner, a True Role Model

  1. >I am teary-eyed as I write this. I wish I could better express myself. I am honored to be part of Premier and to have listened often to Joan. I remember one conference in particular. I was attending while very overwhelmed with a toddler at home. Trying to figure out how to balance Biblical priorities while being a wife, mom and business owner. And, her words were SO encouraging! She encouraged us to embrace our children in their early years and not let business take over! (Who does that in the business world?!) She so often sprinkled Scripture throughout her talks. I never felt that I had to re-prioritize what she was telling me with our family's values. I think she was such an example of a diligent, serving woman. Giving herself to her husband, her family, and so many others. I really view her as an example of a Titus 2 woman. I get choked up every time I think of Andy's silly antics on stage and her slight shake of her head while smirking. Or, his annual singing of "Have I told you lately that I love you?" I cannot imagine what 64 years of marriage is like. I did not even get to see that lived out in my parents' marriage. But, many times I would think when seeing them together, how wonderful it was to show that example of godly faithfulness to the thousands that are in the Premier family! I also admire how she really vocalized her faith and her love for God. I admire how she lived it out! I admire how she demonstrated "keeping it personal", not just telling us to do it. When I first heard about Premier, I didn't really believe a lot of what I was told. Having been with the company nearly five years now, I have seen it in action. And, we know that a huge part of that is Andy and Joan. Their vision and their faithfulness to that vision. I know her family is missing her. I cannot imagine "Andy and Joan" without Joan there! But, it is incredible to think of her in heaven with the Savior she loved so much.

  2. >I feel so blessed to be a part of Premier and to have had the opportunity to meet Andy and Joan Horner, to spend time in their home, to feel their love for everyone in Premier and beyond. It makes me SO sad to think about how things will be different now… Andy on stage without Joan… who will he sing to? I also feel sad for those who are newer in Premier and had not yet had the chance to meet her. I feel a responsibility to share these stories with others! Joan was truly a remarkable woman – in a world where that doesn't happen a whole lot. She was a role model to many, and her legacy will live on in all of us as we "KEEP IT PERSONAL"! We pray daily for the entire Horner family, and we also rejoice in the joy that Joan is surely experiencing in Heaven this very moment!

  3. >I just found this quote from Joan and thought it perfect to share:"Being a role model does not make you a celebrity; it makes you a servant with huge responsibilities."

  4. >Wow, can't believe you found that quote! Thank you for sharing, Ladies! I hope many more will leave their memories of Joan.

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